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The Future is Now: Pururun Angel Bust 2

In today’s technology-driven world of erotica, there have always been a few things missing: a beanbag designed to look like an ass for those who enjoy face-sitting, and realistic plastic boobs used for titty fucking. We have one.

From Topless Robot:

“People have made fake vaginas on both sides of the Pacific for years,
so I know I shouldn’t be surprised that someone has made fake breasts for self-gratification — I should only be surprised that it took someone
this long. I fully expect these to be imported into America immediately, and to become a major international sex toy hit.

As for me, I just don’t like jerking off onto or into disembodied body parts. Makes me feel like a serial killer. Also, I have difficulty getting aroused by anything I have to stick in the dishwasher afterwards to clean off. “

…And there we have it. One down, one to go.