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The Most Messed Up Comment Ever on Reddit

Over the years, I must admit, I’ve seen some odd comments on Reddit. However, this recent comment really takes the prize for the most messed up comment EVER on Reddit. And here’s the really weird part… the post was titled “Are you kidding?” and featured the bird-house-making montage above.

Here is just a sample:

“If the science existed where you could revive dead animals and they are fine and themselves (no zombie stuff) you would see a lot of stuff like this become commonplace…

The scientific breakthrough I wish for is the ability to grow living tissue from the dna from a single hair. I already have hair from the woman I love preserved in several forms and I would love to be able to have a square of living skin that has the same consistency as her perfect skin and her scent I could stroke all day and it would shiver if I tickled it.”

Yeah, and it only gets more messed up, odd and hysterical from there…

Too funny. Read the full weird Reddit comment by clicking the link.