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The Future is Now: Tenga Flip Hole

Yes, folks: we have crossed yet another threshold in the field of self-pleasure.

The bizarre specimen you see in the picture above is called a Tenga Flip Hole, or a cock sarcophagus if you will. It is designed to maximize your masturbating efforts with the use of labyrinthine, lubed-up sections. Fleshbot explains it well:

“After you push past the Flaps and a few small wavy things, you come up against the Cross Walls. I had no idea that this little plate of dainty tea sandwiches would squeeze the bejesus out of my cock, but it did—feeling more meaty and powerful than I expected from a mound of jelly—and now I worship the Cross Walls. But there’s no downtime after the squeeze; you’re immediately drawn into the Orb Shelter and pressed against the firm Core Orb. What’s this? Another section? An oversized End Orb!? Keep the lube handy, because your penis just found its new home.”

Well, that does it. Buy the Tenga Flip Hole here.