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Do Women Think About Food More Than Sex?

It’s practically a given that the average man thinks about sex more than the average woman, but who would’ve thought that women think about food more often than sex? A recent survey states as much. From TIME NewsFeed:

“According to a new survey, 25% of women think about food every half an hour, compared to the 10% of women who think about sex over the same time span. These telling statistics come from a diet survey carried out by the slimming group Shape Smart, which devises a personal health plan based on what they calculate as your “EATERtype.”

Shape Smart interviewed some 5000 men and women and have revealed different attitudes towards sex and food which draws an unhappy picture for many women and their struggle with body issues.”

Some more statistics from the survey are:

60% of women are not happy eating in front of their partner
50% of women are shy undressing in front of their partner
40% of women feel as though they are constantly dieting
13% of women choose low-calorie meals instead of what they would actually like when eating out

I guess I shouldn’t be very surprised. Food, of course, is a major factor in a person’s appearance, and self-conscious women (especially the types who are shy undressing in front of their partner) are most likely thinking about what they shouldn’t eat instead of fantasizing about Chipotle…I think. Maybe. Perhaps.