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Ashton Kutcher Threatens Legal Action on Vivid Over Sex Tape Featuring Brittany Jones

TMZ has obtained a letter from Ashton Kutcher’s lawyers to porn company Vivid Entertainment, threatening legal action if they don’t cease to use his name when promoting the sex tape of his, uh, ‘mistress’, Brittany Jones.

From TMZ:

“In the legal letter, Ashton’s lawyers claim Vivid is infringing on the actor’s “marketable celebrity identity value” — and promise they will unleash a legal nightmare against Vivid unless they stop associating his name with the Brittney Jones porn.”

Here’s the thing: the ‘damage’ has already been done. By now, everyone knows who Brittany Jones is and they know all about her ‘sex tape’ and ‘possible affair’ with ‘Ashton Kuther’. Lots of assuming quotes going on.