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The Future is Now: Playboy External Hard Drive

We are in a digital age where erotica is readily available online with no need to buy the actual prints or paper-printed anything. A quick & dirty Google search will find you an unlimited amounts of erotica, dating back centuries…but even Googling takes up too much of your precious time. That’s why companies like Bondi Digital have staked their ground in the external hard-drive business, preloading their 250GB HD with every issue of Playboy. Ever. From Geek:

“The 250GB drive is not cheap at $300, but it contains every issue of Playboy released since 1953. I hate to think what the equivalent 57-year subscription cost would be, but even so it’s still an expensive drive. It’s also going to have to be slid under the mattress if you don’t want anyone to see it due to the clear Playboy logo on the casing.”

To be honest, spending upwards of $300 on a 250GB hard-drive is pretty nuts when a standard 250GB will run you less than $100, but I digress. This is for collectors of smut, the likes of which have spent ludicrous amounts of cash on more bizarre things than hard-drives. So carry on, luxury smut-peddlers.