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The Future is Now: TSA-Proof Underwear

Paranoid and perturbed over the pervtastic use of TSA body-scans? Well worry no longer: Jeff Buske of Colorado has created a line of undergarments that will obscure your unmentionables with ease. From NY Daily News:

Jeff Buske has created a special kind of underwear with strategically placed fig-leaf designs he says will shield TSA scanners from viewing fliers’ private parts and keep travelers safe from radiation emitted from the notorious “backscatter” x-ray machines.

Buske, an engineer, said his briefs, bras and inserts, which he’s marketing under Rocky Top Gear, use a special metal that protects people’s privacy when undergoing medical or security screenings.

“The object is…to protect the public, educate people and ultimately see these X-ray machines put in the Dumpster,” Buske told CBS4 Denver.

The undergarments come in designs featuring a pair of women’s hands clasped together and inserts shaped like shields and stop signs.

Nothing says “down with the man” quite like a fig-leaf covering your junk.