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UNGU: 15 Magenta-Painted Chicks

Skate/surf company GLOBE‘S test video titled “UNGU” is absolutely stunning, with skyward surfing theatrics & rows of magenta-toned models that arch their sexy limbs while lying on the beach sand, looking like a throng of flamingos.


The Balinese sun has slipped from its noontime height. It has become redder and hotter. Humidity is to blame for the hotter. And this deserted beach, this deserted Balinese beach is an undulating, ululating, writhing mass of pink. Magenta. Ungu. The Balinese word for magenta. It is a sacred color here. And the undulating, ululating, writhing mass of magenta is female. Model female. Painted in worshipful repose. Taj throws his fins over the lip. Nate Tyler lien grabs. CJ Hobgood flies into the sky, seemingly touching the heavens. The pink models rub gorgeous hands across their glowingly nude bodies.

Of course, you’re better off just watching it for yourself: