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No Surprise: Kindle Owners Like to Read Erotica

What do you know: as with every personal tech item ever released (you know, ones that you and only you have access to), Amazon’s Kindle e-book is largely being used as a place to uh, secretly hide the fact that you’re not reading the latest bestselling novel but in fact ogling pornographic stories, or ‘erotic fiction’ (think oversexed romance novels) for those in need of a more sensible name.

From Newser:

Take Compromising Positions [for example], about an “international fitness company” executive who gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to help a friend demonstrate Kama Sutra positions for her yoga class—you get the picture. It’s not so much porn as a typical romance novel, a genre that often has explicit scenes, and it’s doing well because its publisher is using the e-reader trick of temporarily giving away free downloads. But racier titles are on the list—again because they’re giveaways or near giveaways—that further blur the line into porn.

What does this mean in the long run? I have no idea…more sexy assumptions about what’s going on behind the Kindles of others, I guess. Sounds right.