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Study: More Women Are Using Facebook to Seduce Men / Reduce Exes to Putty

The title of this entry may be old news–people use social media websites as a spring-pad for dating, etc.–but the numbers are well worth reporting: out of the 59% of people who have stalked their exes using Facebook, 70% are women.

Furthermore, 32% of women have tried to rekindle relationships with their former lovers through the site (but hey, 36% of men have, so no crying foul there). There are many more intriguing stats in the Men’s Health article, but the main idea seems to be that–yes–women can be just as sneaky as men.

If anything, men are the dogs who shit on the carpet for all to point at and criticize while women are more like cats, peeing somewhere near the closet…but you’ll never find the exact spot they pissed or even prove that they did it!

TL;DR: When it comes to infidelity, men = Mars, women = Venus.*

* Both are planets–alike in ways, but very different in others!**

** I’m done here.