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The Future is Now: The Biniki Butt Bra

The latest craze in women’s undergarments designed to prop-up and tighten-up the look of a ladypart (read: false advertising) is a bikini that provides a virtual ass-lift to ladies with flat derrieres. It’s weird, and it’s called the Biniki. Yeah…

From Daily Mail:

Saggy bottoms can now be given an instant lift – with a bra designed for the buttocks. The Biniki, worn under pants, holds up the bottom giving it a firm look to rival even curvy stars Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce – known for their toned derrieres.

The device was invented by Californian psychologist Dr Karin Hart after she lost weight and started to lose shape in her behind.

Eventually, all women of the world with low self-esteem will be controlled by harnesses and pulleys and marionette strings. THE CAKE WILL BE A LIE.