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Attractive Women Cause Injuries

Spending their time and resources to find out important things about the human body and its actions, scientists have recently discovered that dudes will do the stupidest, most life-threatening acts of courageousness to curry favor with a beautiful female bystander. With this information, we can now assume that over 82% of all injuries in the world are caused by good-looking girls. From Asylum:

Psychology professor Bill von Hippel suggests “that displays of physical risk-taking might best be understood as hormonally fueled advertisements of health and vigor aimed at potential mates, and signals of strength, fitness and daring intended to intimidate potential rivals.”

So there you have it. Next time you’re driving down the street, try your best to not gawk at the busty babe waiting for the bus, for you will certainly cause an accident then explode into flames and die a horrible death. The more you know.