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MySpace Removes Coco’s Racy Photo

Coco is America’s Sweetheart, a cartoonish blonde babe with the most monster curves since, well, Monster Curves. Hot-blooded men and women desire her, and she seems to play it just right, having enough wit and humor about herself to remain attractive and interesting while the Kardashians and Patridges of the world continue to whine and annoy. What can I say, I love the big-bottomed girl.

Coco has a penchant for taking risque photos, and she recently uploaded one on MySpace with her booty-cleavage exposed. The picture was apparently too hot for Tom, so MySpace took it down. Seeing that there are much racier pics on the social networking site (think of all the Naughty Girls of MySpace galleries you’ve run across), Coco was none too happy about their decision. And who can blame her: Coco’s curves are her bread and butter. I wouldn’t feel too bad, since the picture in question (below) is now the talk of the web. As it should be.