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Man Indicted for Breaking Into Women’s Prison to Have Sex With His Girlfriend

In Bielefeld, Germany a man is in jail for scaling a prison fence and sneaking into his girlfriend’s cell to have sex with her–and he did this until he got caught.

From Spiegel Online:

The nightly prison break-ins surprised and confounded prison officials. “The two of them could have visited each other during the day, seeing as the woman was in a minimum-security prison,” Sanker told the paper. “But they apparently felt very lonely at night.”

Since his arrest, things have only gone from bad to worse for Daniele E. He is now being held in prison on suspicion of having robbed a number of gas stations. In addition, his requests to be granted conjugal visits with his lover have been turned down.

And if this story of lust isn’t devastating (and ridiculous) enough already, read the rest of the article; the punchline is kinda brutal. Punished for Love indeed.