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G-Spot Sex Positions

This article about G-Spot Sex Positions was posted on Yuhmm in the summer, but girls really love when you high-five their Grafenburg spot with style and finesse so I’ll post it for whoever missed out the first time around. And that’s it.

Rear Entry Position
Nearly all rear entry positions provide excellent G-spot stimulation.

The angle of entry causes the tip of the penis to hit the front wall of the vagina and consequently the G-spot.

“Doggie style”
One of the best positions for hitting the G-spot, Doggie style also allows for simultaneous clitoral stimulation.

Have her get on her hands and knees while you enter her from behind. Experiment with different positions to see what hits the G-spot the best.

She can arch her back or lower herself toward the bed to change the sensations. Either one of you can control the motion.

You can thrust, she can rock back onto you, or both.

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