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Tiger Woods Banged Pornstar Joslyn James

Joslyn James

The whole Tiger Woods sex scandal saga has produced an endless amount of girls coming out of the woodwork to claim their fame, but some of his mistresses already have major success in their respective fields. The latest case in point is Joslyn James, a famous pornstar who’s a mainstay on the BangBros network.

James is not the first pornstar to openly confirm getting wood from Tiger Woods (Holly Sampson has that distinction), but it must be said that she’s a brunette where most of his other conquests are blonde, meaning somewhere down the line of bedding a dozen women on the side, Tiger felt he needed some “variety”.

Joslyn James and her DDs can be seen in titles such as “Joslyn the Art Teacher Loves Anal” and “Never Too Late to Fantasize”. What a great body [of work].