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RUSH COIL’s 8-Bit Christmas

Rush Coil - 8-Bit Christmas Shreds

Sick of having the same damn Christmas songs playing every holiday? But of course you are–everybody is, and even the classics are getting a bit stale. That’s maybe because nobody outside of ultra-slick pop tarts are the only ones re-recording the standards, and their renditions just make me want to play the originals that much more. It’s a terrible cycle that gets repeated every year.

And while I’m not the hugest fan of meta/ironic/nostalgic styles of holiday music, you can’t help but love RUSH COIL’s 8-Bit Christmas, available to hear free of charge at his official website. Keeping it simple, RUSH COIL remixes all the holiday staples using cut-up samples from NES games like Master Blaster and Mega Man 2. It’s unfuckwithable in oh-so many ways, so listen to it already.