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The RealTouch is Real


See, I’m an old-fashioned kind of guy: I enjoy masturbating to sexy women when the urge hits me. I’m not down with the kid’s lingo these days, and I certainly am not down with their newfangled PS3s, Wiis and whatnot. But when I saw the RealTouch I realized that we have stepped into the future–and there is no turning back. What we have here is a true-blue sex simulator for the ages.

The RealTouch is essentially a luxury Fleshlight that plugs into your computer. Using touch technology, the unit reacts to the action shown onscreen, “allowing you to feel the action as it unfolds on screen.” The future is now, indeed.

So yeah…the RealTouch is beyond comprehension. If you buy this, you may never leave your house again–either because you’re obsessed with virtual sex or society has fully rejected you. It’s a gamble, so play your cards right.