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The Potty Fisher is a Dream Come True

Potty Fisher

Wanna know what the worst thing about taking a shit is? That you can’t fish. If you could fish while taking a shit, I feel that people in general would be happier. Of course, you cannot shit and fish simultaneously…OR CAN YOU?

Yes you can, and you have the Potty Fisher to thank for that.

From the esteemed company who released this game-changer:

“Sure, it sounds a little fishy (excuse the pun) but for the fisher man who just can’t get enough of the sport it’s the perfect gift!

And is the perfect entertainment for any man who seems to spend more time hiding in the loo than at his desk.”

I’m gonna buy the Potty Fisher and use it in the company restroom. They call it a “restroom”, and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing: resting. Fishing is a relaxing experience for me, so giving myself a moment to relax and fish on the shitter will bolster my work ethic. My boss couldn’t possibly fire me on those grounds. Hell, I’ll let him borrow my tacklebox if he wants to play Potty Fisher (after I’m done).