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Kansas State Football Player in Dare Dorm

Dare Dorm

Is porn the right career choice for everybody? No. Is it a personal choice that’s up for debate? Yes. Chase Mejia, a wide-receiver for Kansas State’s football team chose to partake in an Eiffel Tower directed by Dare Dorm, a site that features college students who choose to indulge in their fantasies while enjoying the “best years of their lives”. This story, like most of its nature, gets deeper.

From Kansas City News:

Mejia was a former high school standout at Shawnee Mission Northwest. He committed to Northern Illinois but transferred to Missouri State and later to K-State. But then he didn’t show up on the roster, and Herm’s Perm called K-State and found out that Mejia is no longer on the team.

Yes, Mejia can found found at Dare Dorm’s website.

Dare Dorm

You can find more details of this story at Herm’s Perm, who reported it first.

Look: if you’re a talented and focused football player who can make a living off playing the game, then fine–keep doing what you’re doing and don’t go astray. But if you’re a talented football player and your drive is truthfully bent towards having sex, then what can I say–there’s an avenue for that. Not that it’s right for everybody, but to deny it is foolish. From relevant politicians to our favorite actors to musicians and beyond, people go “astray” and indulge in what they really want to do, what the money they earned is really going towards: sex. I’m not entirely sure, but possibly. Maybe, maybe not–but the final word in victory is stimulation for great acts of heroism on the field/on set/on stage. Like sex.

I’m not sure if I would personally act in an adult scene for money (probably not), but I can’t blame Mejia for thinking about it (and acting on impulse) under these particular circumstances. Surely there are worse things than some dude having sex on camera with someone he’s attracted to while attending college.

Was his choice wrong? There’s no way to tell right now. It was his choice, and his choice only. And isn’t that what it’s all about in college, as long as it’s legal?