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Holy Jesus Heartattack: This Is Why You’re Fat!

I like to make impossible-to-finish meals myself, but damn this is ridiculous.

I mean can one person finish this and not have explosive diarrhea or spend their entire night throwing up?

Here is a small collection of food creations you think you could handle, but your body tells you “thanks a lot asshole, now its pay back time.”

Just looking at these pics make me sick. Bleh.

The Widowmaker

1.5 lbs of ground beef, 1 package of bacon, 1 package of italian sausage, 1 box of hot pockets, 1/2 package of fried onion strips between 2 Tombstone Pepperoni Pizzas topped with Velveta Cheese and Marinara Sauce.

the widowmaker

Swisswich A La Mode

Nestle tollhouse cookie ice cream sandwhiches stuffed with Swiss Rolls and Nutella, smothered in hot fudge.


Chili Cheese Corn Dog Fries

Hot dogs sliced into strips then battered and deep fried and topped with chili and cheese.


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