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How To Make Your Own Fleshlight

Times are tough these days with this recession and shit going on. Which means we always try to help out our fellow Sublimers by finding good stuff for them.

I so happen to be browsing the forums at PBNation last night and found a tutorial on how to make a fleshlight. Its pretty simple and cheap.

Although I know the peeps at PBN love to come up with homemade shit, this really threw me back. What the hell gave this guy the idea to do this? Didn’t have 80 bucks or did they not come in his colors?

I’m tempted to try this and test it on my coworkers. And by testing it on my co workers I mean leaving the container on someones desk and seeing if they take it home. Maybe I should dump some mayo in it first. Hmm…



  • Lays Stacks (my preference, holds up better) / Pringles potato chip can
  • Foam rubber
  • Condom
  • 1 1/4” o-ring
  • Scissors
  • Marker

Empty the chips out of the can. You can use whatever brand and flavor you prefer, but we like the one shown here for the container’s ergonomic shape and durable, colorful plastic. Lay out the foam and trim to fit the length of the container if necessary. The length of the foam can be up to a half inch longer than the length of the can.


Unroll the condom and drop the O-ring inside. If you use a lubricated condom, turn it inside out first, so the lube is on the inner surface.


Lay the condom along the foam with the open end slightly above the edge, and mark across where the O-ring lays in the condom. Cut the foam into two pieces along this line.

For the rest of this tutorial check out the thread at