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August 23rd is National Go Topless Day

National Topless Day - Venice Beach

This Sunday, August 23rd, a very important (and even historical) event will be going down. Women from city to city will be dropping their tops and exposing their boobs in the name of justice. This Sunday is National Go Topless Day.

So, what does this mean to you? Well, outside of the obvious perks (perky tates and ta-tas and boobs), this organized protest is hoping to earn women the right to not wear a shirt in public–if obese men can shuffle down the street, then why can’t beautifully-busty babes do the same? This question and more will be asked in participating cities around the U.S., such as New York and Miami.

Go to GoTopless for more information, and do your part to free boobs of their supposedly-moral prisons (tops, bras). This is one protest worth joining, people.