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I Love Loveland Amusement Park

I used to love going to amusement parks, but tickets got way too expensive and the lines got longer…this was when I already thought it was expensive and the lines were too long. You know the amusement park experience was over when the “deal” only kicked in after buying the tickets online and getting promotional codes off Coke cans to save money (and still roughly pay $40 a pop). Not fun.

With that said, no amount of money can hold me back from traveling far into Korea and going on a boob adventure–to cross Nipple Hill and see Honeymoon Island in the distance. I’ve booked my ticket (online, no Coke rebates accepted).

Loveland - Vagina Gate

Loveland - Big Booty

Loveland - Honeymoon Island

Loveland - Horny Superman and Superwoman

Loveland - Nipple Hill

Loveland - Grotto Love

Loveland - The Peak of Sex

Loveland - Penis This Way

Loveland - Orgasm