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How to Make Alcohol from Common Table Sugar

Fermentation Vessels

Bootleg liquor is one of the world’s greatest pastimes, but it’s also one that’s becoming increasingly rare in these futuristic times. Instead of outsourcing your precious money for a sip of booze, why not be all DIY/wikiHow about it?

And don’t let words like “fermentation” scare you: if you’re patient and not a total fuck-up, miracles (by way of alcohol) can be made by following these steps:

Obtain a packet of super yeast or distillers yeast.

Only this type of yeast will be able to effectively and cleanly ferment table sugar and produce up to 20 percent alcohol. This kind of yeast also contains nutrients (such as vitamins and minerals) that will support the growth of the yeast and enable effective fermentation.

Sucrose and some other kinds of sugars do not contain such nutrients.

Choose the fermentation vessel.

For 5.5 to 6 gallon (20-23 L) batches, a 7.5 gallon (28 L) food grade bucket and lid works very well because it is easy to pour the ingredients into the bucket and stir them, and because the bucket has a large capacity. Glass carboys can be used as well, and for smaller batches, use one gallon jugs. However, a drilled rubber stopper that fits the airlock will be needed that fits the carboy or jug.

Leave a good amount of extra head space, equivalent to about 1.5 to 2 gallons, in the vessel for foam and gases that can form during fermentation. The lid for the plastic bucket should have a hole drilled in it and a rubber grommet that the airlock will fit in during fermentation. The lid should also have a rubber gasket in it that will create an airtight seal between the lid and the rim of the bucket.

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