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The Mid-Day Clam Break


  • Here’s the Hot Babe of the Day, Jesse Capelli. This seductive beauty shows off her amazing body and sexy tattoos!
  • If you think you know how to take a shot of vodka with style and finesse then check out The MOW. That shit will blow your mind.
  • The POD is the best way to get a beer I’ve ever seen, hands down!
  • Today’s amateur in The Sewer isn’t the hottest but at least she’s decent, I guess. The girls from Saturday and Sunday were amazing!! Keep the sexy amateur pictures coming in! Send to:
  • Interesting question this week in The Sublime Poll. Would you rather bang a decent chick with perfect hygiene or a smoking hot chick whose got too much cheese on her taco? This is an important matter.
  • For all you rednecks out there, The Sublime News has what you’ve been waiting for: The 13th Annual Summer Redneck Games!
  • And now I give you a smoking hot chick getting eaten out! Nice!