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“Gossip Girl” Sex Tape Goes for $1 Million

Leighton Meester

I don’t have a clue about all this “Gossip Girl” nonsense, but recently the show has intrigued me, ever since I heard rumors of a hot female cast member allegedly being in a sex tape. Leighton Meester, the gal in question, is supposedly the star of a homemade sex tape filmed when she was 18 by her then-boyfriend. Kevin Blatt, promoter of the tape, shopped it to celebrity nude website Mr. Skin for $1000, who declined the offer and had this to say:

“I celebrate nudity in movies and TV, but always with respect for the actresses who choose to bare their bodies on-screen. Homemade sex tapes fall beyond that scope. When Leighton Meester is ready to do a proper movie or TV nude scene — on her own terms — Mr. Skin will review it, report on it, and celebrate Leighton in the fashion that has made our site famous. Until then, out of respect for her talent and beauty we want nothing to do with the tape.”

Or, as I would’ve put it, “the tape sucked and isn’t worth my time or money.”

Blatt, being the shrewd businessman he is, hasn’t peddled back his price, but instead raised it to a ludicrous $1 million dollars. I would like to think that he’ll take a “best offer” of 250 bucks and a used Memorex Portable DVD Player. I hope he’ll take the offer–I have no use for the player since I lost the remote.

Leighton Meester - Sex Tape 1

Leighton Meester - Sex Tape 2

Leighton Meester - Sex Tape 3