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Kush Support: Keep Your Rack Intact

Kush Support

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be a girl with huge boobs. Do they get in the way when you’re eating? Do you punch them for fun? Do you wear revealing clothing in front of guys you hate just to spite them?

How does having big boobs effect sleeping? Do big-boobed girls dream about big boobs as much as everybody else does? The experts at Kush Support know their boobs, and figured out that girls who sleep on their side get restless sleep because their boobs are stacked on each other. And while they look super cool when stacked, it’s really uncomfortable to the owner of said boobs.

This is where the Kush Support comes in:

While it’s cool that women would buy a miniature rolling pin to stuff between their boobs, I suggest they use a more natural rod: the cock. You’ll be taking out the uncomfortable resistance if you titty fuck them every night, and will also be promoting science and doing your part in keeping the world’s women healthy.