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PIMPtendo is Pimp


I’ve been scouring local flea markets and yard sales trying to get a NES on the cheap, but eBay and even locally-owned video game shops charge around $70 for a system that was released almost 25 years ago. Since I’m having a hard time justifying spending that much for a most-likely refurbished system, I’m thinking about stopping the search and investing in a PIMPtendo, the latest and greatest in funky 8-bit gaming. I’m talking a zebra skin NES (and controller) with purple frill and LED lights, all brought together with a peacock feather.

Is the PIMPtendo idiculous? Yes. Is it worth placing a $50 bid on? Hell yes.

PIMPtendo 2

PIMPtendo 3

[GEARFUSE via ChaseTheChuckwagon]