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Girls Crushing Cars

Girls Crushing Cars

Well here it is, people: the finest website on the Internet. We found it (or rather, Urlesque found it and we found their post on it, so we’re like the Christopher Columbus of finding this website). Girls Crushing Cars features bikini-wearing girls that crush cars (really). It’s such a novel idea that I’m surprised nobody thought of it earlier. Everybody loves cars and hot babes crushing things, and this website gives you all of that–and let’s not forget that they’re RECYCLING.

Holy shit, you can’t ask for much more. Supporting Girls Crushing Cars means you support exactly 14,000 different things that would usually never be mentioned in the same sentence. It’s like supporting good Christian values at a strip club that’s powered by clean energy. Be proud, America–this is all ours.

Girls Crushing Cars – Teaser Trailer