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Custom Coffins of Ghana

In Ghana, it’s customary for rich merchants to be buried in coffins that represent their lifestyle the best. For instance, if one was a wealthy shoemaker, one would be buried in a life-size shoe-coffin lined with expensive silk; a rich hair stylist may be laid to rest in a larger-than-life shampoo bottle. Interesting.

Flickr user Grete Howard visited Tema, a city located in Southeast Ghana, to see the work of a local coffin-maker. I promise that you’ve never seen anything quite like these custom caskets. KISS coffins are for sad saps who need to be represented by their idols even in death–these represent you and you only.

Coffins of Ghana - Airplane

Coffins of Ghana - Sneaker

Coffins of Ghana - Automobile

Coffins of Ghana - Coca-Cola Bottle

Coffins of Ghana - Shoe

Coffins of Ghana - Cell Phone