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Giant Condom Pillows are Comfy

Condom Pillow

What better way to remind yourself and your partner about safe sex than by owning a Giant Condom Pillow, created by some crafty threadsters on Etsy.

This unique pillow is not only super comfortable, but it also doubles as a condom holder, as evidenced by the small corner pocket. What’s in the large corner pocket, you ask? Oh nothing…just an OVERSIZED FABRIC CONDOM that’s perfect for when you want to have some hot Naked Gun action.

Unfortunately, the Giant Condom Pillow is sold out for now, but we’re hoping they’ll fill more orders soon. You snooze/splooge, you lose.

Condom Pillow 1

Condom Pillow 2

Condom Pillow 3

[UniqueDaily via Etsy]