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Photos from the Air Sex World Championships

Before you poke fun at the air-pokers at the Air Sex World Championships, I have a feeling that the #1 most repeated pick-up line after the competition is “So, can I be your imaginary sex partner, but for real? What I mean to say is, well, I came here to do this silly air-sex thing hoping that it would get me laid, because you know, being around like-minded people that have no inhibition leads to, you know, fucking…and it’s getting late. So…?” Works every time.

Saucy air-sex pictures below, followed by a sexy video of the “Slut Truffle”.

Air Sex

Air Sex 1

Air Sex 3

Air Sex 4

Air Sex 5

Air Sex 6

Air Sex 7

Air Sex 8

Air Sex 9

Air Sex 10

Air Sex World Championships – Slut Truffle