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Hot Stewardesses are Hot

Hot Stewardesses

Stewardess culture used to be the high watermark of society. It used to mean that you’re a young, sexy woman who travels the world, has nice boobs and are generally peppy about everything–and why not be so excitable, you travel the world and have nice boobs! Sadly, today’s stewardesses are old, crabby and smell like they iron farts into their uniforms. It’s a possibility that the same lovely stewardesses of old are these unhappy ladies, but I’d rather not think that.

Of course I’m well aware that not all air-travel workers fit that description, but I’ve never traveled on Hooters Air, so I’ve never felt the prescence of truly hot stewardesses serving me orange juice in a plastic cup. A step in the right direction is Hot Stewardess, who specialize in blogging about hot stewardesses and their airlines. It’s a worthy cause, and one that I’m willing to follow.