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Will They Grow? A Tiny-Breasted Babe’s Blog About Birth Control Side-Effects

Will They Grow? - May 28

Marina, a small-chested blogger has begun taking birth control, and wonders if the legendary side-effect of “bigger breasts” will effect her.

This is Marina’s quest for knowledge, this is her journey–this is Will They Grow?

While Marina has only been documenting her boob size via photos for a little over a week–with no noticeable results, sadly–this is a great time to tune in and get free pics of her tits daily from now until…whenever this experiment stops. We hope it never stops. Speaking of, I heard an old wives’ tale about bean burritos and the effects it has on a woman’s ass, and I think it would make for some inspired photo blogging. Hop to it, tiny-assed girls. Do it for science.

Click here to read an interview with Marina about her blog.