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Today is National Doughnut Day

Today is the first Friday in June, which means it’s National Doughnut Day, a celebration of all that’s fat and filled with cream, jelly and fatty goodness.

Participating Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme chains are giving away free donuts to all walk-in customers–well, at Dunkin Donuts you have to purchase a drink to get your “free” donut, which is lame as fuck–so head to your local spot and be ready to wait in line for hours to get one lousy donut.

Just kidding, donuts aren’t lousy at all. In fact they’re awesome. If you’re one of the lucky souls that actually has the time and patience to wait in line for a free donut on National Doughnut Day, you don’t have any real problems in life, even if you’re homeless–especially if you’re homeless, since you can obviously log in to some sort of computer to even get this information. A homeless man with internet access is this holiday’s target demographic. Happy Doughnut Day.

Donuts – A Mockumentary by Jaxon Defa