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Disturbing Food Scenes in Cinema

Food in movies usually looks too good to be true, and for the most part, it is. Nobody eats food that great or gets served so well in real life; people are generally much sloppier and grotesque. In the craziest cases, some movies serve up culinary insanity with total disregard to reality–here are our top picks.

Feel free to leave any glaring omissions in the comments!

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure – Pee Wee’s Breakfast Machine

I love Pee Wee Herman and his wacky and wily ways, but his uh…breakfast ritual doesn’t help his case for not being batshit insane. I mean come on…after one bite he leaves the EggBaconPancakeFace with Mr. T. garnish for dead.

Freddy Got Fingered – Daddy, Would You Like Some Sausages?

Tom Green is fucking demented beyond repair, and this sing-songy bit from Freddy Got Fingered will forever haunt my dreams.

Eat Drink Man Woman – Opening Scene

The disturbia on display in the opening scene of Ang Lee’s classic Eat Drink Man Woman has less to do with gross-out gags and more to do with the chef’s insane skill with seemingly any animal, mineral and vegetable he touches.

Oldboy – Sushi


Nothing But Trouble – Get Yerself a Couple of Dawgs!

Key phrases: saggy old Dan Akroyd, worst penis nose; the toothless, vomit-inducing gorging out on sloppy un-cut cock hot dogs. Enjoy.

Stand by Me – Barf-O-Rama

This classic scene from the eternally-classic Stand by Me is the main reason I’ve never eaten a blueberry pie. Ever. Apologies on the clip quality.

“Food: Part 2″ – A Short by Jan Svankmajer

Svankmajer is a genius at work for sure, but man…this short–and the two others in the series–are truly fucked up. The incredible, edible, everything.

BONUS: South Park – “Scott Tenorman Must Die”

Not from a film, but quite possibly the pinnacle of disturbing food scenes.