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Brief Jerky is Delicious

Pink taco, beef curtains, meat wallet–a vagina’s destiny is to be related to food (and if you’re an aficionado, you dine at the Y daily). A woman’s nether-region is also to be praised, treated with the utmost respect, and accentuated with fine garnish, such as micro-thongs and lace g-strings. Of course, you could sidestep all that jazz and get right to the incredible, edible parts (crotchless panties), which brings me to the next step forward in ladies’ undergarments: Brief Jerky.

You see, Brief Jerky is one-thousand times better than traditional edible panties, which usually taste like flavored plastic. What’s the difference, you ask? IT’S BEEF JERKY. Hence the name, “Brief Jerky” (an awesome name, by the way). It’s even decorated with Bedazzled jewels for Christ’s sake. Perfection realized.