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Canadian Sex Workers to Learn New Tips and Tricks in Preparation for 2010 Olympics

To physically and mentally prepare for the 2010 Olympics, The Prostitution Alternatives Counseling and Education Society (PACE) are providing local Canadian prostitutes–ahem, “sex workers”–with tips and tricks to “win over” the foreigners when they roll into town. This so-called “media training” will deal with big issues, like knowing their rights as legal sex workers. That’s right–legal.

From CTV Olympics:

The PACE training session will touch on issues like public photography and interview consent.

“We just want (the sex trade workers) to be aware of what their rights are around media, including the fact that it is legal for (media) to take a picture of them on a public street,” Porth said.

“And if they do consent to an interview, they can get the questions ahead of time. Things like that.”

…And giving fantastic Canadian head to all foreign judges. Things like that too.