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The Mid-Day Clam Break

  • Hot Babe of the Day, Crissy Moran here posing and showing her assets!
  • You know that clip, Two girls one cup, well here’s a cover of the song from it in the Movie of the Week. BTW, I’ve never been able to watch that clip all the way through, when she starts eating it…..fuck!
  • What the fuck was this chick thinking when she woke up and got dressed? She looks like a cross between a crack whore and mid-80s Madonna. Check here out in the POD and post what you think of her!
  • Here’s a horny mature chick from The Sewer showing off, not too bad for an older babe. I think the chick from Sunday was real sexy, check her out! Keep them coming in! Send to:
  • OK so as many of you know Craigslist will no longer have “Erotic Services”. What do you think of it? Take The Poll and lets see. I know my Friday nights are ruined now!
  • In The Sublime News today is a great example of why you dont fuck with wild tigers! What a bunch of fucking idiots!!
  • Here’s a great shot of a wet clam that I wanted to share with you guys. Enjoy the rest of your Monday!