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The Mid-Day Clam Break

  • Hot babe of the day, Lela Star and her perfect tits!
  • Some dude gets caught whacking off in his car in the Movie of the Week. What a jackass!
  • I don’t know bout you guys but I fucking love high school chicks, especially the ones who love penis! Take a look at the Picture of the Day.
  • This week in Sublime Times: a video of some retard and his skate board, tips on using breath mints during sex, pics of singer Cassie naked and a crazy story about a man who didn’t go to jury duty.
  • Check out this amateur chick showing off her tits in the Sewer. Is that a pole in her bedroom? I love strippers! Send in more viewers pics:
  • So how old is too old when it comes to fucking a MILF? Take The Poll and lets find out! I think over 40 cause shit starts to droop after that.
  • Check this dude in The News. People like him make me feel better about myself. Wow, what a fucking Nerd!