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The Mid-Day Clam Break

  • Check out the view between a sexy chick’s legs and her mound overlooking the beach.
  • Today in The Sewer we’ve got an amateur blonde MILF showing us her nice plump tits.
  • There’s a great story of a man paid to fuck his friends wife. “I’m simply doing it for the money,” he said.
  • In Sublime Times this week there’s a clip of a jam session with a fire alarm, tips on how to delay an orgasm, a sweet caption of two giant ass tits for you to name and a funny joke for you to use to step your game up.
  • Stop by and check out the weekly poll about the crazy Swine Flu scare.
  • The Movie of the Week is pretty damn funny featuring a response to Andy Samberg’s video “Jizz In My Pants”.