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Tabasco Tequila is Your Friend Today

Cinco de Mayo has a lot to do with Mexican pride and perseverance, but a little known fact is that tequila is in fact the number one reason to celebrate the holiday. And if you’re gonna drink tequila, you might as well get festive and go for Tabasco-flavored tequila. I’m sure liquor snobs could hype me to obscure and expensive tequilas, but that’s not what I’m about right now. I’m about getting wasted on the cheap with some Mexican flair. I’m about Tabasco Tequila.

If for some reason buying Tabasco Tequila is too expensive for you, that’s fine–just buy a small bottle of Tabasco and dump it in your cheapo tequila for great results. How much Tabasco should you put in the tequila, you ask? I have absolutely no idea. Put enough that you can taste it and not burn your mouth. Use the whole fucking bottle, I don’t know–this ain’t no recipe blog.