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Girl Sends Stripper Lookalike in Her Place to High School Reunion

High School reunions are only exciting if your current life isn’t as great as reliving your teenage memories. The only reason to attend these things is to boast about why you’re greater than everybody there–just like it used to be in High School! If I wanted to “catch up” with old friends from a decade ago I would’ve called them 10 YEARS AGO; I didn’t then and I won’t do it now.

Unless an old classmate is super horny to reconnect with me in the girl’s locker room like Zack and Miri, I’ll decline my invitation, thank you very much.

My opinion is similarly shared with Andrea Wachner, known as SuperVegan online, who hired a stripper lookalike to take her place in the nostalgia fest. She also hired an entire TV crew to document the happenings for our viewing pleasure. The results are below, and they’re awesome.

I’m gonna hire a 40-year old German bodybuilder with a nervous tic to take my place at my reunion and see if anybody notices or cares.