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Porndogs Could Change Your Life

When scouring the ‘net I sometimes forget how outrageous people have become. I’ve seen it all, and it’s all good from some sort of cracked perspective. The homegrown amateur circuit has broadened my horizons of fuckedupness, but there’s no way I’m co-signing an animated dog porn, although the adult industries’ finest (voice) talent seems to have no problem with it.

Ron Jeremy, Tera Patrick, Dustin Diamond and the late Marilyn Chambers all provide voicework for Porndogs: The Adventures of Sadie. The movie is about a suburban Yellow Lab named (yep) Sadie who’s in heat for the first time, escaping to the brash hedonism of the city to soil her oats. Basically, it’s the story of most porn actors: discovery of sex, loss of innocence, escapism through pleasure and success of said pleasure…but with dogs. Animated dogs.

The movie is in post-production, and best believe I’ll be the first in line…to watch the trailer. There’s no way I’m seeing this in public, unless I do.