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Do Well-Hung Dudes Typically Like Curvy Girls?

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The 4chan post above made an interesting statement: well-endowed guys prefer voluptuous girls, while small-dicked dudes prefer skinny girls because “their tiny dicks fit easier.” Bold statement, but does it hold weight?

Is it weird if a kinda agree? And if I kinda agree does that make me a man with a BBW fetish and a big swinging cock? YES, YES IT DOES.

Don’t hate. This guy has a huge cock and uses it wisely.

It is what it is, folks–self-conscious guys with micrococks are jealous because their thin pins get lost in the endless abyss of orgasmic lovefold that is a big woman’s vagina. While they swim in it, the big boys are rim-to-rim in it.

This doesn’t explain the pairing up of hot-bodied stars in today’s most popular porn; that’s because tiny dick viewers not-so-secretly wish they were strong, hulking dudes that bang attractive babes all day every day. Once the facade is over, even the stars go back to doing whoever feels the best: the wide ones. But always remember, you need a big one to fill a big one.

Large ladies are the luxury liners of the sex world. But then again…

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