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Top 10 Myths About Ninjas

Considering that over half of the Internet considers themselves to be experts of Ninja culture, surprisingly, most are not. The life of a ninja is not all about Seppuku and their “ongoing feuds” with Pirates. Apparently, most of what you read about Ninjas is false. Read on, grasshopper–knowledge is dropped.

Having spent time studying ninjutsu (under the Bujinkan dojos), I have long wanted to put a list like this together. Here I look at some of the historic myths and even some of the ridiculous modern myths that have sprung up about this truly fascinating art. Ninjutsu is a serious martial art–it is nothing like the movies portray, though its history does explain partly the reason that so many “mystical” myths have arisen over the years.

#10 Ninjas are Mythical

Myth: Real ninjas are a myth

In fact, ninjas and the arts that they learnt date back to over eight hundred years ago. The ninja families developed their skills in order to protect themselves against the likes of Samurai warriors. It is this humble beginning that gives ninjutsu its very unique style: escape if you can, if you can’t, kill. There was nothing unethical to the ninja–he would throw sand in the enemies eyes, stab them when they were down, anything to protect life and limb.

Over time the ninjas were used as spies, bodyguards (right up to the last emperor), and assassins for hire.

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