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12 Signs That You are Whipped

A sure-fire way to deflate a man’s self-esteem is to say he’s pussy whipped. To give a woman full license in a relationship is one thing, but it’s even worse when your lack of morals festers its way into everyday life.

Be careful, guys–one day you’re unstoppable, then suddenly you cant pick out a pair of socks without consulting your woman. It’s an epidemic that must be stopped, and on 205th breaks down the Top Signs That You are Whipped.

12. When you are in a restaurant together, you order things they want you to have, or they want to have but can’t bring themselves to order

11. You devote thought to the status of your toilet seat

10. You look both ways before passing gas

9. The mother and father like you, since you are so damned cute and harmless

8. When you say you need to stay at work late, you stay at work late

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