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The Hottest Cleavage Commericals of All Time

Everybody knows the key to successful advertising is cleavage. When faced with enormous chest balloons, you cannot say no to any product. I’ve bought denture cream based on some unintentionally-aired old lady cleavage.

For decades, advertising agencies have been over-complicating the process of concepting and creating commercials. You don’t need big budgets, special effect and good writing … you just need cleavage. Throwing in a rapping gangster goat every now and then doesn’t hurt either.

#10 Nandos Double-Breasted Burgers - It must be a wonderful world to be able to look down and stare at your own cleavage whenever you want.

#9 Sexy Brunette Opens Her Apuana Beer With Her Cleavage – Just imagine what she could do with a jar of peanut butter. Come on, I’m only referring to her being able to open it.

#8 Super Soft Shampoo’s Busty Cleavage Wench – That’s right kids, they used cleavage to sell stuff all the way back in 1975.

The Hottest Cleavage Commercials of All Time at Manofest.