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Seven Types of Car Guys

Stereotypes of guys and the types of cars they drive always make for interesting discoveries. Fun fact: did you know that most dudes who drive flashy cars have really small wangs? Seriously, they do. I’m talking the size of a thimble.

Tom Thumb Dick Syndrome is rampant in this field, and Spike breaks down the personalities attached to the rides in question.

For gearheads, the car you drive says more about you than the clothes you wear or the company you keep. More than simply a status symbol, that car is extension of your personality and sense of style.

As such, different personalities tend to gravitate toward certain cars that can sum up their whole situation in one quick glance.

7. Corvette Guy

The Corvette Guy | Sports |

There’s no mistaking it – Corvettes are fast as hell. Straight off the showroom floor, a new ZR1 (or Z06, for that matter) will wipe the floor with just about anything else on the road, and usually for quite a bit less coin than comparable cars. To compliment that performance, Chevy has always included a healthy dose of “Please look at me!” styling. And that’s probably the most significant ingredient in the Corvette because as awesome as ‘Vettes are, they will be forever associated with middle aged men with middle class bank accounts, desperately trying to buy back their youth, and some attention to boot.

C’est la vie, Corvette Guy.

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